Women's Aha! Camp 2018!

**Be sure to sign up early as I will have limited slots available this year, due to the size of camp attendees.**

Sonya Stockhaus, RMT, RZT, CHt, BS-Swe


Chocolate Readings, Meditations and more...sign up below...

"Intuitive Chocolate Readings"

Who doesn’t Love chocolate? Well, some people I guess…but Did You Know that chocolate can also provide

information about you, your energetic state of being, and outlook for the future? It’s true!

We will explore the mysteries that can be divined from the m&ms: the colors, number,

imperfections and position on the table all give shocking accurate insight about you...

And then you get to EAT the chocolate!


Your feet are the holograms of the body and carry the "weight" of the world (you) around. 

Reflexology is an energy modality that promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain,

soothes tired feet, reduces stress and promotes healing.

By manipulating trigger points and meridians on the foot circulation can release toxins and restrictions in the body,

stimulates flow and encourages healing.

"Chakra Balancing Meditation in Nature"

Is there anything better than meditating in the forest?

Join Sonya for an empowering and enlightening guided meditation to visualize, clear and balance your Chakras.

These weekends can inspire powerful awareness and energy shifts.

Chakra Balancing is a great way to gently and lovingly integrate those shifts into the physical body and release that which is no longer needed.

All that is required to participate is and open mind and heart, and maybe a cushion...

Women's Aha! Camp - Chocolate Reading

$ 50 USD

30 min Intuitive Chocolate Reading

Women's Aha! Camp - Reflexology

$ 50 USD

30 min Reflexology

Women's Aha! Camp - Guided Meditation

$ 15 USD

30 min Meditation in nature. An mp3 recording of the session is included.