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Sonya Stockhaus, Psychic "Joy Detective"

“Get out of your head and into your Life!”

We all have issues that come up in our lives; the trick is to not make a mountain out of a mountain. What I mean is focus on the solutions, not the problems, and allow nothing to come between you and you peace center.

My intention for this show is to awaken those who feel that there has to be something more to life than what they are doing, i.e. the daily grind.

To remove that gnawing feeling of worry, anxiety, fear or anger, which most of the time isn’t even connected to a legitimate concern, meaning that there doesn’t have to be a reason for feeling that way, because “feeling that” way has become a way of living. I call it “Being the fight or flight you see in the World”.

We also provide real simple steps to ease you way into changing those beliefs, feelings or mindsets that don’t work for you anymore, or that you don’t want to do anymore. If this all sounds a foreign language; or the answer to your prayers, then this show is for you.