Women’s Aha! Camp, Idaho 2015  

(5th Annual)

Camp–A Lot to Love!

Do you ever wonder when your “To Do” list will end…and when you’ll get to yourself (at the bottom of the list)?

Are you a woman who gives and gives and gives until there is nothing left to give…and then you eke out a little more?

Have you put your life on hold for kids, parents, work deadlines, the dog(!) and anyone else who needs something from you…so you hardly know what you want for yourself anymore?

Has it been too long since you’ve had some good, old-fashioned fun…and do you even remember what that is?

If any of these ideas strike a chord, then you are a perfect candidate for Women’s Aha! Camp.

Still not sure? Check out our  Women’s Camp Permission Slip–great to use with family, your job, your kids, yourself (!)

The journey to your life “Aha!s” has never been so much fun…

 2015 Camp Theme:  “It’s Your Turn”

Are you tired of pleasing others or putting your true desires on the shelf, waiting, waiting, waiting for the timing to be right or for it to be your turn? This year we are inviting women to step into living a bigger, more fulfilling life.  And to do that, you have to catapult yourself to the front of the line in your life and the top of your To Do List. You have to raise your hand and say, “I’m picking me this year!”

In a stress-filled world it is easy to settle into “good enough.” I am inviting you to go for more.  I believe all women should lead magnificent lives.  Not only is it possible, this camp will put you on the path to your version of magnificent.  In all areas of your life.  (Details below)

Plus, you’ll meet a whole new set of camp friends! Many previous campers have admitted that they were a bit leery about being around other women.  Is that true for you? If so, I have good news.  The women I attract to my events are different.

These are like-minded women who are interested in living their best lives and moving forward in a positive way. These are just the type of women you want to surround yourself with in life because they will encourage you and fill you up!

“You have an ability to combine so many types of women and have them all complement and enahance and learn from each other.” Stef

Camp Wisdom Session Details

“It is very challenging and rewarding to learn about yourself and learn why and how to help you love and take care of yourself.” Mickey

women gaining wisdom and growing roots

 2015 Sessions:

Uplifting Your Internal World by Carolyn Casey
Nobody know your internal world. What you think. How you feel. The endless mental loops you can traverse over a small incident–questioning, questioning, questioning your response (and others’ responses).

We are giving your internal life an upgrade. It’s time…and It’s Your Turn! (No worries, we are not revealing our internal selves to each other.) This session is a personal journey where you’ll love the end results you create.

“I had some incredible breakthroughs and have gained resources and tools to help me move on in my life. I will cherish the time I spent here and make it a new step in my life to attend each year if possible.” Julie

Reviving Playful You by YMCA staff
When was the last time you had a good play (or play date)? For that matter, what happened to the fine art of play that unfolded so effortlessly in childhood? If your version of play has eroded to only dinner out or happy hour or a night of Netflix, you are in for some life treats. It’s Your Turn to play again! We’ve got just the right mix of ideas and “toys” to experience at camp and then put into play in your life at home. Come play with us!

Girlfriend Glue by Carolyn Caseygroup laughing 4 people
Girlfriends are a necessary ingredient in a woman’s life…and yet do you have enough of them…or the right ones for you at this time in your life…or have time & space to gain their support and good energy in your life? It’s Your Turn to enjoy the rich world of women is a way that fills you up (not the junior high version full of drama and energy sucking). Fall in love with women all over again!

“I love camp so much! Every year I attend I learn more and meet the most wonderful women. I have grown so much through the experience I have had a camp. I don’t know where I would be without it!” Kristine

Beach Fun by Mystery Facilitator
This surprise session will be revealed to you on the shores of the gorgeous Horsethief Reservoir. (Don’t worry, no bikini necessary–that wouldn’t be fun for most of us, would it?!)


2014-09-13 10.50.19M

Mandala Magic by Dr. Uma Mulnick
Did you learn to color in kindergarten and do a bit of painting too? Good–you are ready to graduate to the meditative experience of filling in a mandala. It’s Your Turn to create your own unique art that is both a statement of you and sets an intention for your life. And the best news is, all you have to do is fill in the lines (no artsy fartsy experience necessary).


“Enjoyed absolutely everyone! Loved the Y Camp–the fire–the tapping–the activities–happy for the opportunity and the growth.” Joanne


NOTE: We reserve to right to insert/upgrade/change camp Wisdom Sessions while always keeping a fun spirit and great life learning.

Camp Fun

Every year we do Ropes Challenge Course events. The truth is our best life doesn’t come when we are cozily entrenched in our comfort zone. It also doesn’t come when we are put in our zone of terror.  The Challenge Ropes Course is designed to help you move to the middle ground, your zone of growth, where your insights can inspire and delight you.


Ropes courses are an exhilarating way to go beyond what you thought possible and discover you have the internal bravery and strength to do the events in the course and to do anything in your life!

These events will challenge you emotionally, mentally and physically–all in a safe, nurturing environment.

2014-09-12 15.08.14

Set in an old-growth forest, there are a range of activities, from simple walking exercises to activities up in the air–all designed to take you past your previous barriers and beliefs.

The best part is, you decide which activities you will participate in and which you will simply observe.

“Energetic, but each participant was only encouraged to do what they felt comfortable doing…no guilt ever!” Glory

             Camp Self-Care & Compassion

Are you too busy to take excellent care of yourself? Do you give and give and give until there is nothing left to give? Most women are fabulous at taking care of others.  Indeed it is our gift to the world, our nurturing eye and heart. Giving ourselves that same level of concern and care is a skill not often taught at home or modeled in the world.

Great news:  camp is an extreme self-care experience full of take-home tools to keep women thriving in the midst of life’s chaos. At camp you are going to learn to nurture yourself and follow your heart.

During our downtime, you will be encouraged to ask yourself:  What do I need right now?  What would be thrilling for me?  What would warm my heart?  What would fill me up?

women relaxing a river's edge

Select from one of our yummy options…or make up your own:

Massage on the Water by Isabella Cazamira— thrill yourself and your body with a relaxing massage that will melt your heart. Campers love Isabella!

Toe Reading by Sonya Stockhaus–turns out your life story is being recorded by your feet (who knew?)…exotic sounding and incredibly insightful.   A favorite from past camps–a must to experience!

Tapping by Vicki Hurst–Vicki is a favorite past camp facilitator who continues to work with campers “tapping” away old beliefs and thought patterns that sabotage and block them from getting what we want. You will love the immediate insights & results!

Forest Romps–set on the edge of Horsethief Reservoir, amidst 450 acres of forest, there are ample paths for you to explore and let nature remind you of what a brave explorer you are.2014-09-13 14.20.05

Art–Lose yourself in your creative juices.  Simple options for you to let your inner child out to play.

A Nap!no explanation needed (we all know we are exhausted!)

“I really enjoyed the ‘self time.’ I don’t seem to get very much of ‘me’ time when I’m not stressing about family/commitment needs. This was nice to not have that over the weekend in the beautiful location.” Anonymous camper

Camp Timing & Location

Camp starts:  Thursday, Sept 10, 2015  check in 6-7 p.m. followed by a campfire at 8 p.m.
Camp ends:  Sunday, Sept 13, 2015 at 1 p.m.
Camp location:  Horsethief Reservoir YMCA property

Canoe friends

Horsethief Reservoir is a gorgeous high mountain lake surrounded by beautiful forest.

The YMCA property is brand new and the most upscale camp facility you are likely to experience.  Cabins have carpeting and built-in bathrooms complete with marble counters and showers.  (No privy for you!)

Cabins are assigned on a first come, first served basis, you’ll want to get your camp spot reserved immediately.

You’ll share your cabin with your friends and other fabulous women that you’ll meet at camp.  There are always peals of laughter coming from the cabins… …just part of camp!

 “Phenomenal staff and camp facility–wow!” Lisamarie

“Love the fireplace and music–setting was beautiful!” Lisa J.

Permission Slip (!) & Packing List:

Not sure you or your family or your work will give you permission to go to camp?  No worries–use this Women’s Camp Permission Slip for help getting them (and yourself) on board.

Once camp comes around, you’ll want to use our one-of-a-kind Camp Packing List 2015  (Also good for a giggle before camp starts and to get a sense of camp humor.)


Sign Me Up–I’m going to camp!

Now is the time to reserve your spot at our 2015. Ask for camp as a gift or use your holiday gift money to treat yourself–either way you save and have fun ahead to anticipate.

Camp Early Bird Price (all-inclusive) before April 30, 2015: $447
Camp price (all-inclusive) after April 30, 2015:  $517

Camp pricing is all-inclusive and covers 3 days of meals, 3 days of wisdom sessions & activities and 3 nights of lodging–everything you need to have a full & fabulous camp experience.

Camp Payment Options to Fit Your Personal Finances:

    • Pay for camp in full before April 30, 2015–get our Early Bird Price savings of $70– and let the fun daydreams of camp begin.
    • Put down a deposit to lock in Early Bird Pricing– We’ll contact you to arrange for future payments. To keep Early Bird Pricing, subsequent payment in full must be made before May 31, 2015. Otherwise pricing reverts to regular pricing.
    • Use the Three Easy Payments –to pay for camp a little bit at a time. (Please see Three Easy Payment subscription section below.)
    • Use Pay Pal’s Bill Me Later option during checkout and enjoy 6 months interest free to pay for camp.

I believe all women should be able to go to camp, so please inquire if you need a customized payment arrangement.

A portion of all proceeds from camp support:

Camp Payment Options:
How did you hear about camp?
Cabin mate(s) request:
Cell phone to reach you:


Three Easy Payment Subscription–Pay for camp a little at a time with three payments of $177 billed each month.

How did you hear about camp?
Cabin mate(s) request:
Cell phone to reach you:

I believe all women should be able to go to camp, so please inquire if you need a customized payment plan.  Should the need arise, I am happy to transfer your payment to a different retreat date/event or another person or a gift certificate. I do not provide refunds.
All service provided by Carolyn Casey LLC


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